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Blend 1

Woman in FLOW

When you feel tired and unmotivated, this grounding blend helps bring clarity to your foggy mind. With oils like lemongrass to increase awareness, as well as chamomile to reduce symptoms of insomnia, you’ll get a quick energy boost when you use this blend.

Blend 2

Spring Sensation

When you feel focused and productive, Spring Sensation supports your increased energy and feel good emotions. With oils like Lime, Basil, and Jasmine you’ll increase your intuition, and feel happy while you bust through your day!

Blend 3

Manifesting Maven

This blend is ALL about attracting what you want directly to you! Manifesting Maven blend works to uplift your energy and create magic in your life. With oils like Lavender, Rose, and Patchouli you’ll be a magnet for money, love, sex, and have great energy!

Blend 4

Overwhelm Blend

When you feel overwhelmed and burned out, your brain is foggy and unclear. This blend uses Geranium, Neroli, Frankincense and Bergamot to help invoke peace, calm, and clarity on the inside, so you can anchor down, even if the world around you is a mess!

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